A recipe for success: A thriving business goes digital

Kadra was a rapidly-growing wholesaler of high-end kitchenware and catering products. Carrying a wide range of tableware and cookware, their products graced the shelves of stores and tables of restaurants nationwide. They had a knack for innovation, creating products which shaped up-and-coming industry trends – earning them a reputation as a company that was always one step ahead of the curve.

Kadra may have been a leader in the kitchenware space, but their web presence was minimal. They turned to Forwardslash to help them establish a strong digital presence that not only served as an online storefront, but also communicated the offline success they’d had until now.


Cooking up a brand from scratch: Crafting Kadra’s identity

Kadra had a logo, but was lacking in the other visual elements that make up a brand’s identity. The Forwardslash team stepped up to the plate, designing Kadra’s iconic look, including the color palette, typography, and graphic elements. The final results incorporate both a professional feel to reflect Kadra’s leading status in the industry, and fresh, creative touches to showcase Kadra’s innovative spirit.

To get their voice and tone just right, we composed a bank of branded messaging that would be the mouthpiece of the company. Crafted to be a verbal counterpart to their visual identity, Kadra’s voice is professional yet playful, classy yet creative, authoritative yet approachable. In line with this direction, we coined the tagline: Kadra serves you well™. In this way, Kadra's brand personality came to life – compellingly communicated through both visual elements and the written word.

A dish best served digital: Bringing Kadra to the technological age

Taking a thriving business, replete with its unique internal systems and processes, and seamlessly bringing it online presents many hurdles that need to be expertly planned for. We worked closely with Kadra’s team to examine their business from the inside out.

What challenges were they experiencing? What workflows could be made smoother? What could be done to support the company’s growth and scalability? By actively listening to their insights and discussing their challenges and concerns, we could begin to craft a completely custom solution, tailored to fit their needs.

We invested significant effort defining the technology we needed to create to help Kadra reach the next level. For example, Kadra’s business model involved sending sales representatives to other establishments, such as retailers or catering companies, to promote and sell their products. In their pre-digital era, these transactions would rely entirely on forms and catalogs, which was inconvenient and time-consuming.
The solution we created streamlines the in-person selling process and doesn’t use a single piece of paper. Today, the sales rep can show prospective customers products that might interest them on an iPad. They can log in to their personal sales account, select a customer from a list, and place orders on their behalf, thereby archiving the order to their history and allowing them to repurchase easily. They can also add recommendations to a customer’s account for the customer to consider purchasing. We knew we had to deliver a solution that would not only improve Kadra's operations but also seamlessly integrate with their existing ERP system. We meticulously designed and developed any new technology ensuring that the data formats, structures, and protocols were fully compatible with Kadra’s existing systems, and we thoroughly tested and fine-tuned the integration to guarantee a flawless implementation.

Sweetening the pot:
UX/UI designs

Experiencing Kadra online is enjoyable for the customer, too. The site boasts a robust search function and a clean, user-friendly design that makes it simple for users to find what they’re looking for. There is also the ability to create and manage multiple lists so users can organize their favorites, view them at a glance, and order with a single click.

With previous orders saved under their account, users can easily reorder preferred items and quantities without having to manually search and add to cart. They can also earn exclusive pricing with additional discounts on larger and repeat orders.

Firing on all burners: The results are in

Today, business at Kadra is booming. With a well-established online presence, their customer base has grown and sales have soared. And we haven’t said goodbye – we’re continuously maintaining Kadra’s website here at Forwardslash, making adjustments and improvements based on customer feedback, so that Kadra can continue to provide an exceptional experience for their customers.

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