Our team

Meet Your Forwardslash Team

Leadership & Founders

Joseph is the company’s founder, and a hands-on leader who ensures the right team and resources are assigned to each client. He encourages the entire team to explore, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital in order to help clients achieve their business goals and dreams.

Joseph Hoffman Founder & Director

As a user experience strategist, Sholom begins his process by researching and developing the strategy your site needs to successfully achieve its objectives. He then directs a team of developers, writers, and front end-designers to build a smooth site flow that creates optimal conversions.

Sholom Rubin Director of Strategy

Your Producers

Nikola Topalović Chief Operating Officer
Branislav Jerinić Director of Operations

Your Product Owners & Managers

Avi Spira Director of Resources / Product Owner
Blimie Geller Product Owner
Chavi Bornstein Product Owner
Reena Lieber Product Owner
Dušan Kuzmanović Project Manager
Goran Rapaić Project Manager
Jelena Doder Office Manager
Jovana Jović Project Manager
Milica Milićev Project Manager
Neda Ilić People Operations Assistant
Snežana Savin People Operations Manager
Sonja Slijepčević Project Manager

Your Creative Team

Mattie Holtzberg Senior Copywriter
Chana Weisman Copywriter
Tali Perrin Copywriter

Your Design Team

Diana Petrović Creative Director
Ivana Ivković Grujić Lead Designer
Nikolina Vasković UX/UI Designer
Selena Mijatović Motion Designer
Tamara Soro UX/UI Designer
Tamara Stantić UX/UI Designer
Branka Medan UX/UI Designer

Your Development Team

Anđela Šumanski Frontend Developer
Andrej Šmit Software Engineer
Bojan Kolano Frontend Developer
Dejan Puđa Software Engineer
Dejan Stanić Software Engineer
Dušan Radić Software Engineer
Eduardo Eugen Bojer Frontend Developer
Goran Čogić Software Engineer
Jacob Selaković Frontend Developer
Jelena Ružić Software Engineer
Marko Gužvić Software Engineer
Milan Masnikosa Software Engineer
Miroslav Ćurčić Software Engineer
Mladen Krstić Software Engineer
Monika Čeke Frontend Developer
Nenad Knežev Software Engineer
Nikola Popov Software Engineer
Saša Anđelić Tech Lead
Stefan Stošić DevOps / Sys Admin
Tijana Topalović Frontend Developer
Vukašin Popović Frontend Developer

Your QA Team

Bojan Bašica QA Specialist
Kristina Ivančić QA Specialist
Martina Đukić QA Specialist
Nenad Marković QA Specialist
Nevena Vlaović QA Specialist
Sanela Šljivić QA Specialist