Bus Company Harnesses Traffic

Vamoose runs a popular bus line between Washington, DC and NYC. The company sought to channel their existing customer base, NYC tourists, through a bold new tourism platform: “Vamzio”

To execute this revolutionary tourist model, they knew they needed a team of innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers with robust capabilities. And so, they turned to ForwardslashNY.


The Vamzio Challenge

NY is a hub of endless sites, attractions, and experience. Existing tourist sites linked visitors to a slew of external sites, doing little to help visitors navigate the maze of options. Vamzio set out to change that.

Vamzio wanted to help visitors plan then book all their experiences in one central location, straight through their site – absolutely no external links required. What Vamzio needed simply didn’t exist. It would have to be built from the ground up.

Integrated booking gets a boost

Once Forwardslash understood the challenge, the team rolled up their sleeves and got to work solving it. Forwardslash started by creating a complete branded look and feel, including logo, brandmark, and colors that inspire trust and impart youthful energy.

Next, the team dug deep into all the major APIs – external sites such as Fare Harbor and Broadway Inbound – and built robust, custom software to sync each of their individual systems with Vamzios proprietary platform. It took a dedicated team of advanced developers and programmers to create the sophisticated technology required, but Forwardslash made it happen. Vamzio’s fully custom site is now heavily integrated with all major ticketing software and platforms out there.

The go-to destination for NY tourists

Thanks to a uniquely intuitive user experience, Vamzio has become the go-to site for tourists looking to get the most of their trip. With Vamzio, site visitors can now create an entire trip itinerary right on the site. Intuitive browsing, simple navigation, and friendly design help visitors discover new destinations and attraction. Visitors can then check available dates in real-time, add tickets to cart, then check out and pay for it all in one go. Ticket vouchers are sent directly to their inbox.

Throughout the process Forwardslash also kept in mind one other site user: Vamzio itself. The team created a custom, easy-to-navigate backend. Admins can run reports and monitor traffic. Additionally, an automated system populates Vamzio’s backend with potential attractions, which the Vamzio team then carefully curates for their audience. This has allowed for incredible efficiency, flexibility, and growth.

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