A Showroom that Stole the Show

Tile Depot NY offers an unparalleled selection of tiles - from contemporary designs to classic bestsellers, imported marble to Italian porcelain. Strategically located warehouses throughout the US and Canada expedite large deliveries, but their true strength is their Brooklyn showroom - a vast open space that attracts designers & decorators from all over, inspiring creativity and helping creatives envision their space.


The Tile Depot Challenge

Tile Depot was ready to take their business online – but they had one important concern. Shopping for tiles is an incredibly tactile, hands-on experience. Would it be possible to translate the magic of browsing their showroom onto a screen?

Intuitive browsing, by design

Tile Depot would need a site that was not online beautiful and functional, but that offered a uniquely immersive experience – one that mimicked the fluid, artistic way designers shop.

To accomplish this, Forwardslash embedded itself into Tile Depots world, working closely with their team to gain a deep understanding of its products, process, and clientele from the inside out. The goal? Answering the all-important question: How do designers choose their tiles – what does their selection process look like, start to finish?

Forwardslash then set out to create a custom, intuitive experience, one that would tap into a designer’s creative process while simultaneously boosting Tile Depot’s fulfillment process.

Flooring the competition

With their new website, Tile Depots now offers designers a unique encounter with their brand that goes beyond superficial appearances and dives deep into interactive, experiential design.

Whereas standard catalogs rely on beautiful photography, Tile Depot website provides a dynamic interface where functionality and elegance combine to produce a personalized shopping experience unmatched in the industry.

Designers can browse and discover the perfect tile aesthetically through color, size, or style. Sweeping lifestyle imagery immerses designers into a virtual world of inspiration and ideas, helping them to envision their space.

But the end-consumer wasn’t the only client considered in the creation of this site. Forwardslash also designed a powerful, flexible, and easily manageable backend for the Tile Depot team, so the website stays nimble as new designs are launched and inventory comes and goes.

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