Revolutionizing the real estate marketplace

Finance Lobby is a visionary financial technology startup, revolutionizing the way real estate brokers and lenders do business together. Traditionally, brokers have the arduous task of reaching out to numerous lenders in the hope that one would accept their deal and offer satisfying loan terms for their clients.

From personal experience, the team at Finance Lobby realized the inefficiencies of the system and was determined to change the rules of the real estate game. They wanted to create an efficient meeting place for brokers and lenders to effortlessly pick and choose the best-suited terms and deals for their clients.

Finance Lobby needed a team that would share a passion for their vision, that would sweat whatever it took, and leave no stone unturned until a perfect solution emerged.

Naturally, they turned to Forwardslash.


The goal

The aim was to create a powerful, robust platform that connected mortgage brokers to an expansive host of lenders throughout the USA by posting loan specifications and finding the best-suited offers. Lenders would be able to pick and choose the deals relevant to them and send quotes via the financial technology system.

This hyper-efficient system would save an immeasurable amount of time and resources, giving brokers an easy and practical way to find the best terms and offers for their clients.

The Finance Lobby Challenge

Step 1: Strategy and testing

The Forwardslash team began with visual design, a crucial factor to communicate Finance Lobby’s brand to its audience. Merging corporate, professional aesthetics with crystal clear UI, the design team crafted a visual interface that emphasized Finance Lobby’s innovative financial technology while ensuring the flow and ease of the user's journey throughout the site, ultimately enabling them to get the desired results.

Through user testing, the brokers experienced the conditional logic and functionality of the app and could highlight missing or incomplete information, which Forwardslash then fine-tuned and updated.

Step 2: Pre-MVP Website Launch

Next, the Forwardslash team constructed a minimum viable product to ascertain whether the concept would get the expected results.

First, they analyzed the two platform users - brokers and lenders. They determined the lenders as their preliminary target audience and strategically launched a pre-MPV, resulting in thousands of committed lenders adding their specifications to the application.

The challenge

Step 3: Development

Then the Forwardslash team deep-dived into a web of development. Using powerful technologies including Laravel and VueJS, they crafted a custom application that they integrated with third-party software including analytics, a Chatbot, payment processors, and multiple APIs.

Using agile practices the team pulled all the stops, testing, and retesting, leveraging user feedback to continuously improve the software and perfect the functionality and outcomes. They strategized their next moves in 2-week sprints and vigilantly kept a record of the micro maze the app's interface contained.

The dedicated project owners, managers, and development team became totally integrated into Finance Lobby’s goals, challenges, and values, and as a result, Finance Lobby was able to see their vision become a full-blown reality, restructuring the real estate game for brokers and lenders throughout the US.

Today, Finance Lobby serves as the sophisticated online meeting place for thousands of lenders and brokers to share and accept deals with ease and simplicity.

With one seamless team taking care of all your needs, your results will always be cohesive, and always on track.