A Manufacturer with Vision

For over 45 years, family-owned Capri Optics has manufactured and sold high-quality, on-trend value eyewear to retailers worldwide. Through their integrity, loyalty, and commitment to delivering remarkable service, they’ve earned a strong name in the industry, and demand for their stylish collections is high.


The Capri Optics Challenge: Streamlining wholesale orders

As a popular global brand, Capri Optic’s existing wholesale site simply wasn’t performing to scale. Orders through the site were lackluster in comparison to other channels; many B2B clients were still choosing to order via print catalog and emailing/faxing orders in.

Additionally, when they released new collections, their existing site did little to highlight these new designs.

From an order fulfillment perspective, orders that did come through the site were processed manually, an approach that was inefficient and wouldn’t scale if and when order volume increased. Therefore, Capri Optics needed automated internal processes that would streamline order fulfillment for their team.

Gaining a fresh perspective

By zeroing on the challenges Capri Optics sought to address, Forwardslash determined the site wouldn’t just need to just look good - it needed to function beautifully.

To ensure that the site would be an invaluable resource for both Capri Optics and their clients, Forwardslash would need to key into the buying patterns of retailers, as well as the internal processes that made the company tick.

The Forwardslash team took a deep dive into Capri Optic’s world. An intense discovery phase unearthed a veritable minefield of invaluable data. The team learned what was working, what wasn’t, and where digital processes could solve existing problems.

Capri Optics sees immediate, tangible growth

With their new site, Capri Optics now offers buyers an engaging and frictionless experience - and the results of that are telling.

The easy-to-navigate frontend highlights new collections and model releases. Clients can browse hundreds of models, filter by type, as well as view up-to- the-minute stock availability. In line with the way buyers shop nowadays, the site is fully optimized for phones and smart devices. By eliminating purchase friction and streamlining the ordering process, Capri Optic’s wholesale volume has increased significantly. Thousands of orders stream in weekly, from repeat, loyal clients and new accounts alike. Internally, Capri Optic’s new portal has completely revolutionized their fulfillment process. The Forwardslash team built custom software that married the external ordering platform with their internal systems. Having a fully integrated, seamless intake process has enabled Capri Optics to handle the ever-increasing volume of orders so that they scale their business and grow.

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