The Uber of Cleaning

Get Sproost started out as a traditional cleaning company situated in New York. Their dream was to give the city that never sleeps a chance to get clean with one click.


The Sproost Challenge

Their vision was a digital product where people could quickly book on- demand home cleaning and select the exact services needed simply and efficiently.

Forwardslash began by working on finding a brand name and style guide that would accurately reflect the company’s value proposition. With their target audience being millennials living in New York City with little time or patience to organize cleaning help, Forwardslash created a fresh, modern, and approachable brand, reflecting the simplicity and ease of booking a cleaner with Get Sproost.

Getting down to work

Forwardslash then crafted an engaging website with strategic Gen-Z content that spoke their customers' language and designed engaging 3D icons and animations to capture attention, giving visitors a digital Sproost experience.

Next, they researched the best booking practices and processes, carrying out user testing to fine-tune a system that would give optimum UX, and creating a simple, user-friendly process for their target audience. The booking form includes a comprehensive set of options for clients to clearly select their cleaning requirements, including once-off or recurring bookings based on their needs.

Additionally, Forwardslash set up a personal dashboard available to account holders. Through the dashboard, customers can view their past and upcoming bookings, job details, and prices, create additional bookings, and manage payments.

Spick and span

While the team worked tirelessly on making the website features appealing and seamless for customers, they worked equally as much on the backend, creating an intuitive system that allowed the client admin to independently manage all booking processes in addition to the entire website.

Today GetSproost has everything they need to clean New York City homes one click at a time.

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