Beating Their Components

When SambaCare came to Forwardslash, they were able to boast of several successful decades staffing nurses throughout the US. Their healthcare staffing agency is unique in that it puts the scheduling in the hands of the employees, lending flexibility and ease. Nurses can choose when and where they want to devote their care.


The Samba Care Challenge

As their original name implied, Five Star Care became something expected of them – it was time to highlight something new. They were a staffing agency whose name did not reflect their mission.

Their novel method of offering ease of schedule and compensation wasn’t reflected in their name or brand.

Unbeatable Ease

To further simplify their employees’ work, they wanted a technology that would allow employees to access their schedules and locations, and receive payment with the tap of a finger.

To accomplish this feat, they knew they needed a team who pushes boundaries, with robust capabilities. And the obvious choice was Forwardslash.

Dancing to a new beat

Forwardslash gave Five Star Care a complete brand makeover. Introducing (cue drumroll) SambaCare, a name with beat – reflecting their mission to stay above trends and employ nurses with ease.

The feathers in their logo hint to the carnival culture, forming a heart to convey the care that is a part of everyone involved in SambaCare. And their energetic brand colors enliven and spark the joy that is at the heart of SambaCare.

Turning up the online tempo

Forwardslash developed a custom branded website and a mobile application that integrates with it. Applying to work at SambaCare through their website or reading the blog posts is now a delightful experience when you encounter the fun, unexpected animations.

Pulsing with Practicality

Employees can apply on the web with custom forms integrated with Jotform.Forwardslash developed a backend system directing the forms to individual recruiters, based on the location that was selected.

Working with Jotform to further simplify the workday, employees can fill out a missed punch form through the web and mobile app. No matter….

Blasting a New Brand

Now, SambaCare wanted to spread the joy and ease that became their new brand to their hundreds of thousands of previous customers. Forwardslash sent out an email blast in cadence with SambaCare’s new persona.

Shop the Merch Market

To sweeten the workday, Forwardslash designed branded swag items with the recognizable SambaCare cheer. Employees can shop for merchandise through the WooCommerce plugin that was integrated by the development team.

SambaCare – a Booming Agency

Forwardslash entirely rebranded SambaCare, turning up the beat of a new melody, a new era of staffing solutions. With complete direction and a far-reaching vision, Forwardslash heartened an agency from ground up. And SambaCare’s pulsing with rhythm ever since.

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