An e-commerce platform primed for success

Prime Packaging began selling cardboard boxes and tape in New York.

Today they’re a well-established, thriving company with multiple departments, capabilities, and a huge range of packaging products.

However, Prime’s digital presence was spread across three separate and incohesive websites, each offering a different primary service but none efficiently educating customers about the rest of their capabilities.

Prime approached Forwardslash. They knew Forwardslash had the capabilities to not only build a functional website that included their range of skills and products but to flesh out an effective and efficient strategy to synthesize their online presence while creating a tool for Prime to market and manage their business all in one.

The Forwardslash team met with Prime Packaging to get a comprehensive understanding of their industry, products, services, and capabilities.


Capabilities unboxed

Next, they broke down Prime’s skills and services into a comprehensive map, conducting extensive research on the ins and outs of each product, the customization abilities, and customer needs.

Then, the team put together a multilayered e-commerce site that clearly displayed their myriad of products while simultaneously communicating their breadth of knowledge and proficiency.

One challenge they faced was finding a way to bring Prime’s wide range of products to their customer's attention. One way they achieved this was by using the site to cross-sell categories at every opportunity, making customers aware of other relevant or similar Prime products available to them.

Packed with powerful features

In order for Prime’s customers to request quotes, order products, and have effective communication with Prime sales reps, Forwardslash set up a robust orderingsystem. Prime account holders get access to a personal dashboard where they can reorder products, modify orders and organize future orders and products via customizable lists.

Customers are assigned a personal sales rep with whom they can be in direct contact, and who will assist with any and every packaging inquiry.

Forwardslash set up an efficient quote system that notifies sales reps to follow up with customers that have requested quotes for their products. Additionally, a vertical search engine was put in place for customers to easily compare products side-by-side and help them choose the best-suited products.

A package deal

The visual elements of the site were crucial to creating an engaging user experience. Forwardslash created dynamic visual illustrations and animations, taking their users on a miniature packaging journey on every page, and bringing the website to life.

The Forwardslash team decided on using a headless WordPress system for Prime’s site, enabling them unlimited customization. They put together video tutorials and trained Prime’s team so they can independently manage their website’s backend and update new products.

With Prime Packaging’s recent site launch, their customers now have access to anything and everything they need to get their products packing.

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