High Time for a Transformation

Paradox Fine Watch Co. approached ForwardSlash with the realization that their marketing and branding did not accurately reflect their high-end watches and meticulous process. They were ready for growth and understood that they required more sophisticated software and a robust marketing strategy to accurately reflect their company. They came with an end-goal in mind and trusted ForwardSlash to organize the components and tell their story.


A Paradoxical Challenge

Paradox presented their unique dilemma: On the one hand, it was vital for their watch website to reflect expertise, accuracy, and value. On the other hand, the development needed for inventory management on this scale was complex and required many inner layers that could complicate a site and open it to potential errors. The transition from no digital presence to sophisticated website had to be completely seamless, as the Paradox team themselves had to continue their transactions and upkeep business with no interruption This required a detailed plan of action to proactively arrange all pieces in a highly strategic way; they couldn’t simply be allowed to fall into place.

Putting the Gears Into Motion

We began by formulating the right questions. What was the best strategy for Paradox to reach their goals? What were the foundational goals? What was the simplest UX and UI trajectory for wholesalers and purchasers? How could the website design and copy best solidify and support the new branding? Our team devoted time to strategizing with key members of the Paradox team to crystallize the answers and translate them into visual maps for clarity. One by one, we put the gears into motion toward the ideal outcome; a platform that attracts new customers with strategic messaging while maintaining ease of use for existing wholesalers with streamlined integrations.

Taking up Watch at Every Front

Once the vision was documented, ForwardSlash assigned the quantifiable steps to carefully chosen team members. The layers of accountability of the ForwardSlash team include project owners, project managers, strategists, copywriters, UX/UI specialists, designers, and developers, and each team member was briefed thoroughly to allow for deeper understanding and cohesive teamwork. Each meeting was led with a specific goal, with ForwardSlash taking ownership while incorporating Paradox’s input. As the project progressed, we assisted Paradox with internal decisions, even bringing additional experts on board when necessary.

Results With Clockwork Precision

ForwardSlash didn’t just create the site, we actively followed and monitored the progression of sales. Landing pages, videos, SEO, integrations with company software, structure of collection pages, navigation, UX, voice and tone - no detail was overlooked, and the connecting lines were carefully drawn. We also added capabilities along the way, such as automated emails to company buyers with inventory updates. We built features to make it easier for admins to add, remove, or update inventory. Sales reps from companies as large as Casio and Macy’s regularly log in to the dashboard to view inventory and submit orders. They can assign the inventory to different branches and stores with a fascinatingly simplistic UI. Since the launch of the website, sales have increased an overwhelming 40%, exceeding Paradox’s original goal by 10%. They have been approached by many well-known and highly-regarded watch companies to distribute their products exclusively. The unified messaging and organized development across the site gave these companies the confidence to put their trust in Paradox.

Paradox Today

Paradox is currently one of the frontrunners in the wristwatch world. They’re the exclusive distributor for Casio, and the manufacturer and importer for Garmin, GShark, and Wrangler watches. They consistently get feedback from some of the world’s largest distributors expressing their admiration of Paradox’s website capabilities and its capacity to accommodate complex demands. Their reputation in the time-telling world grew exponentially, in large part due to the restructuring of their website and branding. ForwardSlash partnered with Paradox to stretch their technical capabilities and expound their brand strategy while taking full charge of all components from concept to launch. The complete ownership apparent in this project is representative of the treatment every single company enjoys while working with the ForwardSlash team.

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