Taking Digital Ads to the Next Level

Next Millennium Media. A pioneer in the digital advertising space with the technology and innovation to buy and sell ads with less effort and more profit. They connect iconic advertisers and publishers and help them get more value for every dollar.

In their industry, Next Millennium was rubbing shoulders with giants and needed a platform that would showcase them as the premium company they are, and the value their clients would gain.


Up Next

Next Millennium had an existing brand and logo but needed a website that would set them apart from other leading digital advertising companies.

Forwardslash delivered precisely that. They crafted killer copy to match the tone of Next Millenium’s influential position in its industry, adding impressive social proof throughout the website to say the rest.
They created an interactive custom simulator to showcase how Next Millennium’s ads appear in real life on different devices, and coordinated high-end photography to add a personal feel and face to the team. Forwarslash skillfully executed and delivered a top-notch website that accurately reflected Next Millennium’s position, USP, and value proposition. Their success? The experience and knowledge of how to bring out a brand and let it speak for itself.

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