A Fine Fixture in the Industry

Fine Fixtures services the interior design community, offering chic bathroom fixtures and furniture at competitive prices. From luxuriously opulent to ultra-modern and sleek, Fine Fixtures provides a vast variety of styles that appeal to a wide range of high-end tastes and has grown to become a leader in fine bathroom design.


The Fine Fixtures Challenge

When Fine Fixtures approached Forwardslash, they had already secured a large corner of the fixtures market by offering quality design at affordable prices. Moreover, Fine Fixtures was enjoying steady growth through both brick-and-mortar retailers and online sellers such as Wayfair and Amazon.

However, their existing website was a bare-bones B2B-style catalogue of products that failed to show the innovative ways in which they push the boundaries of design trends or highlight their partnerships with the top designers and engineers in the field.

Joyful Browsing, by Design

To stand out, Fine Fixtures needed to captivate designers with a revolutionary user experience. This true-to-brand approach involved more than changing the aesthetic components of their website; it required a total revamping of the site’s interface and functionality, and user engagement. Forwardslash began with an in-depth analysis of Fine Fixtures’ brand, products, and audience. This involved tracking and interpreting users’ outcomes—understanding when users were coming to the site, why they were coming to the site, and what they were trying to accomplish with each visit. By becoming embedded in the detailed processes of Fine Fixtures’ business, the Forwardslash team set out to create a customized, intuitive, and joyful browsing experience for the consumer that would seamlessly compliment Fine Fixtures’ operations and set them far ahead of the competition.

The Fine Art of Usability

Fine Fixtures’ carefully constructed front-end now allows users to view products side-by-side, enabling entire fixture and furniture collections to be conveniently browsed together. The system categorizes related products by style, size, and color so that customers can find “the perfect match” with utmost ease. Additionally, the back-end affords Fine Fixtures the freedom to update and manage their ever-expanding catalogue with just a few clicks.

Through their new website, Fine Fixtures’ now offers each customer a unique encounter with their brand that goes beyond aesthetic design. Whereas standard catalogues lean heavily on beautiful photography for their appeal, Fine Fixtures’ website provides a dynamic interface where functionality and elegance combine to produce a matchless, personalized shopping experience.

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